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Why is my tree dying?

Like any other living things, trees are attacked by diseases and unfavorable environmental conditions that can lead to death. For that reason, occasional tree services and inspection is paramount to their survival. Some common tree services include tree disease diagnosis & treatment, tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, and tree cutting. Most trees have the ability to ward off various environmental stressors, but at some point, they succumb to them and die.

Losing a tree is a huge loss to the owner. Imagine all the effort put on it over the years? Not to mention the look of a dead tree in your yard. Therefore, taking good care of trees is paramount. It will involve regular inspection of the tree and acting quickly to save a sick or dying tree.

Signs of a is Sick or Dying Tree.

Although, identifying the cause of sickness is quite tricky and calls for a certified arborist. Below are some signs of a dying tree:

  • Few leaves remaining- a dying tree will have a few leaves compared to other healthy trees.

  • Cracks evident cracks on the trunk

  • A sudden bending of the tree

  • Root damage

  • Presence of mushrooms and fungi at the base of a tree.

  • Brown and dry cambium layer

So, if you see any of the above signs on your tree, you should seek an arborist to identify the cause and find a remedy.

What are the Common Causes of Death of Trees?

  1. Common Tree diseases

  • Anthracnose - is a fungal disease that affects the leaves of the tree and the stem of certain hardwood trees. It can cause severe harm to the tree, and little can be done to reverse the situation.

  • Armillaria root rot - This is a fungal disease that attacks roots, making it difficult to identify. The disease is fatal, and when it strikes, it has no remedy.

  • Leaf rust- is a fungal disease that affects most hardwood trees' leaves but has no serious impact on the tree.

  • Oak wilt- is a fungal disease spread by beetles feeding on saps from fresh wounds of a tree.

2. Adverse climate

3. Old age

4. Harmful insects

Although some causes are irreversible, others have a remedy that reinstates a healthy tree. If your tree is attacked beyond treatment, seek a tree service company for tree cutting or removal.

Do you live in South Florida and need any tree services? ECO Tree Experts are just a call away. The company has certified arborists with a vast knowledge of tree services. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

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